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An old proverb states: “if you are too busy to laugh, you are TOO busy”. Which being interpreted means lighten up and enjoy life! Enjoy the moment and be aware that there is humor all around us and in most everything we do. Embrace a life of laughter.

From society to society and culture to culture – humor has historically been a key factor in the ability for individuals to connect with others.

Laughter is a social activity, a type of communication, & a tool that is used to connect us with the world around us.

Your “sense” of humor is like a muscle – the more you exercise it: the stronger it becomes. If you don’t, it can grow weak.  Immersing yourself in humor, creativity and spontaneity can assist in further developing your senses on the subject.

When listing the qualities people look for in a mate, Sense of Humor is a TOP 3 quality that 99.9999% of people look for.

Two Definitions?

Believe it or not, your gender may determine what definition of Sense of Humor resonates with you. 


Research from University of Kansas took 51 random men and women and found that a sense of humor as defined by most women, means that they are looking for a man who can get them to laugh.

And a sense of humor as defined by most men, means that they are looking for a woman who can (and will) laugh at funny things – especially them.

Those are two different definitions. In fact they are opposite.  

But of course, Opposites attract.

Humor Attraction

Humor is a language we can use to attract other people. In this case we’re talking about a mate, however, look at the friends you hang out with. Do they make you laugh?  Do they laugh at you? Is humor part of the connection you feel with them?

Humor Attraction is a real thing. We are drawn to these people because of the connection to the emotion it provides.

So let’s take this Humor Attraction and point it towards the office.  Not in a way that points romantically, but from the attraction stand point. What draws us towards someone?

Now remember, people have different definitions, which means we need to BOTH: Laugh and be laughed at.  It creates a connection.

It’s About The Relationship

Years ago I studied with acting coach, the late Elayne Stein, who taught me a very valuable lesson that I still apply to most everything I do today.

She said: “Every ‘scene’ we do in acting, whether it’s a commercial, a play, a skit, a sketch, etc. is about the relationship. And we define relationship as: how two people feel about each other.”

In other words, a relationship is understood by the emotion(s) we have for another person.

Financial and Emotional Bank Account

If you are having one of those fun/funny conversations that you and the client/customer have smiles and some laughs together – there’s a good chance you’ll get the sale. If there’s a negative emotion associated with the conversation (sale), you most likely won’t. These are Truth Signals that are giving you clues about your relationship.

At the office, if there’s a co-worker who makes you smile and laugh regularly, you’ll most likely want to work closely with that person. You may even seek that person out to connect and keep your day “interesting”. However, if a co-worker brings negativity or makes you angry, You may try to avoid them as much as possible. Granted, you’ll still do your work and interact with them as needed – but they are not filling your emotional bank account (they are withdrawing).

Engaged employees are 31% more productive at work and have an average of 37% higher sales.

Couple that with the fact that 84% of people feel that a person with a sense of humor will do a better job – it goes without saying that humor is a key to greater success.

Humorist vs Comedian

You don’t have to be a stand up comedian to use humor in the conversations you have with your coworkers, clients and customers. By infusing humor in your professional career and your personal life, you’ll connect with them in a way others don’t!


You’ll be surprised how it increases your financial and emotional bank account.