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Arizona’s ONLY Humor Coach©

Jef Rawls

Humor Coach, Speaker, Executive Consultant

What’s a HUMOR Coach? 

How’s that different from a COMEDY Coach?

Comedy is for a laugh ~ Humor is for a life.  


For 18 years, Jef Rawls has done more than coach professional and would-be comedians through improvisation, he’s coached hundreds of people in the application of humor into their life as a communication tool.

Having a good sense of humor is MORE than just laughing at or telling a joke, it’s the ability to get others to laugh. Humor can advance your career, increase sales and productivity, strengthen relationships, increase overall health, and attract friends and clients.

Those who ineffectively use humor can end up hurting themselves.  Humor can help or hurt you socially & financially – not to mention what it can do to your confidence!   

Gain confidence!  
Socially and financially through the effective use of humor.  

A study from Bell Leadership Institute shows the two most desirable traits in business leaders are

1. Strong work ethic

2. Good sense of humor  



“91% of all executives feel that a sense of humor is important for career advancement
“84% feel that a person with a good sense of humor will do a better job

HUMOR Coach vs. COMEDY teacher

What’s the difference?

If you want to Maximize Your Personality, you must stretch BEYOND your comfort zone to adjust your DEFAULT SETTING!

Keynote and training:

The Charismatic Connector

Personal Development for Professional Results

Science proves teams of Charismatic Connectors can be upwards of 68% more effective.  These employees are more engaged, connected and feel like a valued asset.  Engaged employees are individually 31% more productive, average 37% higher sales and are 3 times more creative!  Charismatic Connectors are labeled as “The Ultimate Team Player” by MIT & Harvard Business Review.  

BUT!  Where are you going to LEARN these kinds of behaviors, techniques and skills?? 

Jef Rawls has instructed and trained over 100,000 individuals these fundamentals and competencies.   Coaching business professionals and teams at companies such as

From the front desk to the C suite – A Charismatic Connector is leadership on all levels.  Jef also shares his 17 years of business leadership.  A well balanced understanding of innovation and bottom line.

From personal creativity to professional innovation. Over the years, he has positioned his message to be a perfect blend of personal and professional development. 

Need training on

Inclusion and Diversity? “Yes, and…”!

Don’t just add a seat at the table – add value.

Inclusion means exploring outside of your comfortable circle of influence. For some, that means listening to someone other than themselves!

There’s more than just adding a seat at the table to “include”.  AND – it’s more than just asking for their opinion or ideas.  It’s supporting and empowering others to contribute to the success of the whole.  It’s making your partner look good.  When a voice is heard, it inspires more in others.

Be the FRONT RUNNER in your industry with


“Ideas ahead of the competition!”™

No matter where you sit in the hierarchy of the company, you are guaranteed to encounter the need for forward thinking.  Thought leaders, although some are gifted and “born” with it, are created when given permission to unlock their creativity held hostage!  Jef Rawls knows this all too well and will take your company, department and individuals to a level that easily pulls out amazing results for  “what’s next” with your company.  Jef’s specialized consulting is not founded on just thinking “outside the box” – it’s a proven strategy to explore the areas inside the box that have yet to be challenged and optimized.

Jef was a guest speaker to nearly 800 of my students in the Business School at ASU. His ability to connect with people is extraordinary. He was able to captivate my students and teach them how improv can help them to achieve their goals. If you want to help your employees be more productive, I highly encourage you to bring Jef in to open up the world of improv to them.”

~ Dr. Christopher Neck
Associate Professor
University Master Teacher

“For Jef, ‘good enough‘ never is. He strives to deliver excellence in everything he does.   For a corporation, his training can be an invaluable teaching tool, because Improv teaches you how to work with and understand others, how to think quick, and how to think out of the box.

For an individual, his training can help you be a better speaker, CEO, actor, manager, mom, dad, student and more. I mostly highly recommend Jef Rawls, and the work he does.”

~ Wendy Kenney
CEO – 23 Kazoos
Digital Marketing