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TEEN Charismatic Connector

3-day workshop

3-Day Personal Development Workshops for teens

Kids these days are communicating less and limiting their conversations to emoji’s, snaps, texts and memes.



Teenagers deal with so much social pressures in person and online. They lack connection and have minimized their communication to negative talk about self and others. Today’s youth connect their identity with likes on IG and views on TikTok.


Here’s a real review from a mother about her socially disconnected son:

“On the drive home from your Charismatic Connector workshop, I wanted to turn the car around, come back and ask ‘what have you done with my son??? This must be an alien. We never have this kind of conversation! He was asking questions, sharing his opinion and had more confidence than I have ever seen in him! Today, he is transformed. Thank you for this gift!!”

June 24-26, 2024 (10a-3p)








This 3 Day Intensive Will Empower Your Teen with The Charismatic Connector Advantage™

So many teens feel insecure about their communication skill level.  Whether it’s initiating conversation or simply having the ability to keep the dialogue going, most struggle to the point of avoiding it altogether. This creates insecurity, seclusion and depression.  A feeling like they don’t fit it.

And the only space they currently have to learn is each other.

Until now!!  

“I finally feel like I can have a real conversation without feeling awkward!” ~ 13 year old girl

Give your teen the gift of the 10 C’s as a foundation to help the develop the skills they need to succeed at LIFE (the things adults wish they knew earlier! The stuff they don’t teach in school).

Each of the 10 C’s have fun activities to give hands on practice and application of each vital attribute. We’ll roll-play conversations that help each student level up from where they are to be more confident in who they are!

Life Skills That Will Help Your Teen With:

  • Group social skills at school, church, sports, etc.
  • Communicating with adults (incl. YOU!)
  • Customer service & phone skills
  • Job Interview
  • College prep/entrance
  • Dating & 1-on-1 conversations
  • Leadership roles
  • Public speaking & social discomfort
  • Ministry & missionary service
  • Overcoming anxiety
  • Interpersonal boundaries

Communication Skills

  • Body language
  • Purposeful eye contact
  • Start a conversation
  • Continue a conversation
  • Listening better
  • Overcome anxiety
  • Know what to talk about
  • Focus in the “now”

Next 3-Day Super Workshop

Mesa, Arizona June 24-26, 2024

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday

10am-3pm | Ages 12-17

15 hours of training! We will explore and strengthen confidence, charisma, and communication through various activities, challenges, games, insights, roll play and discussion.  Don’t worry!  This is NOT SCHOOL!!  This is a FUN and interactive EVENT.