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DO THIS: If you are at your desk right now, take two NEW rubber bands of equal size (make sure they are BRAND NEW/never used or stretched out). Set one aside while you stretch the other. I don’t mean just pull on it a little – I mean STRETCH it! Pull it to an extreme, pull it past the point of comfort, but not so far that it snaps and breaks. Keep doing that a number of times (about 1 minute) to really expand the rubber band fully.

NOW DO THIS: hold it up next to the other rubber band. You should see a noticeable size difference between the two. When you put the two next to each other (without stretching them) you should see that the expanded one has made a significant change to it’s “default setting”.

“The action begins with the disruption of routine” – Keith Johnston


We all have a “Default Setting”. From our thoughts to our behaviors. It regularly shows up when we are on cruise control or auto-pilot and just going through our day-to-day. If you are not purposefully or consciously choosing a different behavior, you typically rely on your default setting.

“The arena beyond our fears becomes comfortable once it is familiar” – Jef Rawls

SO! What are you doing to expand your default setting – PAST your comfort zone & PAST your fears? There’s no significant growth if you keep living life in the comfort zone!

We all want to increase our “bottom line” – yes for the company we work for – but also for ourselves (which is why we look for promotions, pay raise, etc). We also want to increase our bottom line in our relationships (you know, get greater value with the time, effort and energy we invest).

Increase YOUR bottom line by adjusting your default setting! I want you to be a greater asset to the company, to your family and to the community.

“Become a Charismatic Connector” is the only workshop of it’s kind that gets you connected with behaviors that optimize your personality and gives you skills in communication, creativity, confidence, charisma, character and connection.

It’s personal development with professional results. Our goal is to adjust your default setting to increase YOUR bottom line.

(also available for Keynote and private coaching)

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