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Your “default setting” is keeping you right where you are. In order to adjust your default setting, you need to stretch yourself. Get OUTSIDE of your COMFORT ZONE!

Jef Rawls has been teaching the confidence, creativity and competence it takes to step into the unknown zone and get results for 23 years!

There’s a small number of people who bring their work life home. And an even smaller number of people who bring their home life to work. But, everyone brings their personality to work AND home.

You have skills. So do they. But they are not you! YOU can have the Charismatic Connector Advantage that scientists are finding have added value to any organization and any relationship.

The Charismatic Connector is character development that helps OPTIMIZE your personality by giving you practical skills for sales, customer service, interviews, presentations, acquisition, leadership, collaboration, problem solving, and much more.

Additionally, it provides insight on HOW TO give and get MORE in your marriage, MORE meaningful dialogue with your children, MORE with friends, neighbors and your community.

Challenge YOUR status quo!!

Adjust your default setting!

Get outside of your comfort zone!