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About Jef (w/ 1 f) Rawls

Corporate Trainer & Motivational Speaker

Jef’s Story

A Phoenix native, Jef has lived in 7 states, 36 different cities and has lived in nearly 70 different homes during his life.  He also attended 16 different schools by the time he graduated High School.

What does that result in?  The ability to adapt to any given situation and a willingness to meet and work with new and different people.  He’s definitely not shy.

Jef found improv comedy in 1996 and immediately began performing in shows and working as Assistant Producer with a group called “The OxymoronZ” .

Learning as much as possible about this art form, Jef started to recognize that improv fundamentals paralleled LIFE SKILLS.


More than training, Jef is a performer and entertainer, through and through.  A Charismatic Connector with amazing talent!

Worked with Dick Van Dyke, Sean Astin, Lindsey Stirling, Studio C  – to name a few.

Host and Producer of All-Comedy Radio’s morning show “Breakfast Epiphanies”

Host of ABC15’s Emmy Award winning educational show “What’s Up”.

Featured on Money Matters Radio Show, Events and Adventure Radio, InTheGreenRoom.Green, and others.

Commercials - Local & National

Live Improv Comedy Shows (Performer)

Furtune 500 companies entertained or trained

Educational Series and Videos

Emcee / Host of Live Events

States traveled to for training or performances

In 2001, upon the death of his mentor, Louis Anthony Russo, Jef & his wife of only 1 week, began their own improv comedy club: JesterZ Improv.

Looking to grow the business and share the life skills and fundamentals with more than just students for the stage, Jef began teaching these team competencies to any company willing to listen.  Soon, Jef caught the attention of national companies and has since grown his company to be North America’s LARGEST Improv only CLEAN COMEDY Club.

Jef has perfected his training to fit any company in any industry.  Adaptable material for every person, on every level of every company, Jef brings 26 years of quick-witted, fast-thinking and creative experience to his training.  He also brings over 30 years of acting and entertainment experience which has proven time and time again, that his high energy and comedic wit makes his trainings and speeches a TRUE Laugh and Learn experience!

Previous clients:

Jef and Shurlin Rawls are the parents of 6 amazing kids – all named after Presidents.

Active in their community, The Rawls run a nonprofit “Music And The Message” that help educate kids to stay safe from abuse, bullying and online predators. Using their entertainment connections for good, Jef produces and manages his daughter, Rosevelt’s, singing career.  Singing and working with notable celebrities as Dick Van Dyke, Lindsey Stirling, Sean Astin, and most recently Sawyer Brown.  Jef & Rosevelt will begin touring the country to teach kids to speak up against abuse.