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Testimonials & Result Stories

COMPANY:  After finishing up with a corporate training with a multifamily property management firm, the CEO got up and said this to his employees:  “This is the most valuable training we’ve had…  EVER!  Our company lives and dies by the connection (the relationship) we have with our clients.  The tools we learned today are 100% SPOT ON with magnifying the “how to” and “why” customers want to do business with us. Every technique Jef shared was mind blowing and easy to apply.  If we will focus on connecting with our customers like this, I don’t know why we can’t double or even triple our sales goal this year!  I’m serious!  This is what it’s all about – and today, we learned from the master.

EMPLOYEE:  A few months ago Jef gave these same secrets to 2 employees of a bakery and showed them how they can increase their tips, add value to the bakery and ultimately move the bottom line.  Read that story HERE

MARRIAGE:   “Thank you for saving my marriage!  I thought we fell out of love.  We actually fell out of laugh!  The Charismatic Connector brought a new light to the type of negative humor I was using and gave me confidence to bring a postivie sense of humor into our relationship more fully.  We are still in love!  In fact, we laugh like when we were first dating!

INDIVIDUAL: A group of Single Adults had immediate results as they learned tried and true communication tools that increase confidence, assist them in continuing an interesting dialogue and how to include HUMOR in their conversations.  “3 people who had NEVER been on a date got dates that night because they opened up, laughed and had confidence in their conversation!!  Thank you!!”

TEEN: The mother of a teenager with low self esteem, said this about her socially disconnected son: “On the drive home from your Charismatic Connector workshop, I wanted to turn the car around, come back and ask ‘what have you done with my son??? This must be an alien.  We never have this kind of conversation!  He was asking questions, sharing opinions and had more confidence than I have ever seen in him!  Today, he is transformed. Thank you for this gift!!

Meet Jef

Jef Rawls is a dynamic corporate coach, engaging trainer, and motivational speaker specializing in helping individuals become Charismatic Connectors. With an impressive 23-year track record, Jef has coached thousands of entrepreneurs, sales teams, managers, and C-Level executives. His expertise extends from empowering teenagers with confidence and communication skills to guiding c-suite executives in connection, leadership, innovation, and humor.

Jef’s impressive client portfolio includes renowned corporations such as GoDaddy, Intel, Wells Fargo, PetSmart, Discover Card, Vanguard, and AutoZone, among many others. His resourceful insights on humor, communication, innovation, and team connectivity have made him a trusted advisor in the industry.

Drawing from his diverse background, Jef has seamlessly blended his over 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry, encompassing commercial acting and live improv comedy performances totaling over 5,500 shows. From his experience in teaching the priciples of improvisation, he has crafted a personal development program that empowers individuals to focus on leveling up the 10 C’s of life.

Currently, Jef is in the process of writing his forthcoming book, ‘The Charismatic Connector‘ a personal development guide with professional results. Passionate about making a difference, Jef particularly enjoys working with teenagers, equipping them with essential life skills for job interviews, relationships, and building a more confident personality.

Alongside his professional endeavors, Jef cherishes his 23-year marriage and is a proud parent of six children. With his engaging presence and transformative teachings, Jef Rawls is an inspiring motivator dedicated to empowering individuals and teams to reach their full potential.

Your personality can create magnetism & attraction to you, your product & your company! 

Personal Magnetism

Creativity encourages INNOVATION and enhances your problem solving abilities!

Creativity at Work

A competitive yet collaborative team member elevates and motivates everyone on the team.

Motivate & Inspire


Employees who feel connected and engaged at work are 31% more productive


and average 37% HIGHER SALES


84% of people would rather do business with someone with a SENSE OF HUMOR


91% of Executives say a SENSE OF HUMOR is important for career advancement

“A famous adage reads, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime.” If you want a new and different Team Building activity or need a Corporate Trainer or Speaker who will not only entertain and motivate but also teach your team how to motivate themselves, than Jef is your guy!”

Dr. Christopher Neck

Associate Professor, W. P. Carey Management and Entrepreneurship

The best part about making a concerted effort to be a CC produced tangible results. Whether it was a quick note from my boss saying ‘You did a great job explaining that’ or after working through issues and solving a work problem with a client/co-worker and looking back through emails and seeing a positive difference with how I interacted with the other people involved compared to how I interacted before the workshop. More opportunities have been made available to me to be included in other projects that interest me which has been the most exciting aspect.

I’m sure most people prefer a healthy learning environment and I hope everyone could have a Jef in their life that would help them navigate life lessons better. The world would be better.



“Last year my (13 yo) daughter was asking me to get her therapy for feeling easily embarrassed and awkward at school. [Jef’s training] turned out to be better than therapy and a game changer for her.  She started 8th grade at a new school this year and has already made tons of friends!  I am sooo grateful for Jef helping teach my kids valuable life skills at a super critical point in their development.”

Mark B

My experience with you and my friend was not just helpful, but sustaining during a crazy time in my life. It is too easy to focus on the tasks at hand, and ignore the person in front of me. 
One of the values of spending time with you is that you teach in such a way that the concepts are easy to grasp, and yet require some work to change ourselves to align with those principles. It makes goal setting easier.  Thank you for developing this.

Many members of our group were shy and hesitant. They worried that they would stand out in a way that highlighted their shortcomings. Within minutes our entire group was deeply engaged in the powerful insights he shared. He connected our large (300+ people) in a way that had them mesmerized, and gave them practice in the concepts he introduced.

When we finished, everyone who participated felt empowered to not only communicate more effectively, but was able to look at themselves with an objectivity that naturally leads to growth. I can’t recommend (Jef) highly enough! After learning with him your group will be better skilled and more connected to each other in a unifying and astounding way. If you are considering bringing Jef in, you are fortunate to have that option and you definitely should take advantage of it. He is worth every penny!!


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